Chandan CM

He is an accomplished independent film editor renowned for his work in feature films, documentaries, and shorts. His journey began with editing commercials, shorts, and documentaries under the banner of Vidhama studios, established in 2014. Notable among his recent projects are the compelling documentary 'Changing Landscape' and the captivating feature film 'Shivamma' .



Feature Film

Shivamma (46 year old female) is a mid-day meal cook in a village government school and the sole breadwinner. Her family is in the process of finding a groom for her daughter. Shivamma has her own affair running alongside. One day, she is introduced to a nutritional product, which miraculously betters her ailing husband’s condition. She is inspired to set up a nutritional club, putting everything at stake. An unfortunate event derails all her attempts, but no opposition and blame from her family can alter Shivamma’s determination.

Shivamma, an independent film, has garnered prestigious recognition on the global stage, earning accolades at renowned film festivals worldwide.

New Currents Award at Busan International Film Festival 2022
Young Audience Award at Three Continents Festival 2022
Crystal Symorgh at Fajr International Film Festival 2023
Official selection under South Asia Films competition, MAMI 2023


Changing Landscape


The documentary highlights the ongoing crisis in Tamil Nadu's wetlands due to stone quarrying, threatening the nearby Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary. Despite 18 years of protests, local farmlands are still being confiscated through force, posing a grave ecological threat.

Competition section at IDSFFK 2022
Official selection Non-Fiction films at Indian Panorama 2023




Feature Film

The lives of a gangster, a journalist and 10 year old Rashmi intertwine when she is kidnapped by child traffickers.


Art exhibit

Untangle is a loop-based video work exploring the artist's complex relationship with their hair, symbolizing societal expectations and the journey of self-identity. It delves into deeper questions, including issues related to sexuality.

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